Turnham Formula Vee


Around 1986-7 after a few years out of the sport while my two sons were growing up. They were into racing motocross. I bought myself a dirt bike to play with them. Sean my number two son damaged his back so we decided to get into Vees.


We bought an early Mako Vee for him then decided to build one for myself. Formula Vees are very cut and thrust.


I wont say a lot about them other than the biggest accident I have ever had was end for ending about 5 times off the end of the Baskerville straight almost landing in the spectator area. Very spectacular but as it was on Saturday afternoon practice and there were no spectators to see it.

This was the first time my wife thought motor racing was dangerous and demanded I get out vees because they were too dangerous.


I pointed to an Elfin F2 across the pits that was for sale which she demanded the I go and buy because it would be safer. She even wrote out the cheque!

Mako Vee
Mako Vee
Turnham Vee