TURNHAM TS8 — Owner — Geoff Jacobs

This is the history of the car while it was owned by Geoff Jacobs. During this time I was involved in the turbo charging of the motor and also had the pleasure of driving the car at one meeting at Symmons Plains. Indulge me briefly — for some of the photos below are all I have of the era.


This period also saw the horrific crash in which Jake was very lucky to survive, he almost bled to death on the track. The car sadly was a wreck, but as I write this (Aug 2008) the car has finished it's reconstruction and just last week burst into life again!


Crash photos!


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The bloke in the dark suit is the paster and he is actually delivering the last rights! Jake's fucked!
They just managed to get the bleeding stopped. He had a compound fracture with the bone sticking out and blood going everywhere.
But he's a hard man to kill and they put him in an ambulance and carted him off to Launceston Hospital. He didn't stay long though.