TURNHAM MAKO C — The newest car to be built

(C for clubman) as it looks like shark in the flesh as it has vented flutes in behind the front wheels. This car was built out of bits and pieces lying around the shed. It is not intended for historic racing even though it is all 70’s period parts it will be used for hillclimb and super sprints and any non CAMS racing such as Thunders Sports in AASA.


The engine is an all steel Swindon Engineering modified Ford Kent engine with steel crank and rods around 13 to 1 compression revving to 8250 rpm and producing around 165 bhp. It is dry sump oil system. The gear box is a 1970 Ford Capri with Quaife straight cut gears which is supposedly good for 9000 rpm and 275bhp 1st gear ratio is 2.2 to 1 going up to 1 to1 top gear. It is only a 4 speed gearbox. Diff is a GIG locker which I like very much as you have to drive the car in an aggressive manner.


You have to get on the power very early and drive the car on the throttle. Some hillclimbs and super sprints on gokart tracks the car is faster with an open diff, but maybe one day I will get a Quaife LSD. Chassis is conventional space frame with ally panels riveted and bonded. Front suspension is outboard Armstrong adjustable shocks, conventional wishbones. Brakes are 275mm vented with AP4 spot calipers off an old F5000 on cut down Escort McPherson struts. Rear is solid Escort rear axle with 4 links and pannard rod with adjustable sway bars front and rear. Provision has been made to be able to put a Mumford link system which allows the rear roll centre to be adjustable. Wheel base is 90 inches and it weighs 474kg. Wheels are Simmons alloy three piece 10x13 and 8x13 with Dunlop F2 tyres.


I still have to sort it out but hope to race it in September and October 2007.


Turnham Mako
This is the latest creation...
...and a serious piece of gear it looks too.