The "Low-line" and the Turnham Rotary


By 1971 low-line clubby’s become the fashion so one morning about 3 am I got out of bed took the hack saw to it and cut it down to a low-line. At the same time I used the panels off it to build Glenn Warrens clubman which became the first time I actually got paid to build a racing car.


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This photo was taken with the car in Ford motor configuration, but later that year was converted to a Mazda rotary engine. This was probable the first rotary engined sports car on any Australian race circuit.
The car in action at Baskerville

Turnham Rotary
Trevor Fidler
This photo taken with Brenda in June 1971 is of the newly completed rotary engined car. Unfortunately this photo was of very poor quality and does not do justice to this car. Here in it's first race at Baskerville. It eventually lapping around the 60 second mark which was very fast for that era.

The ex Glenn Warren Car rebuilt for Historic Racing


This present clubman (the 69 Resurrection) is the Warren car rebuilt. The Warren car passed through various owners and was crashed at a hillclimb in Hobart by David Rose who was a commentator at Baskerville.

In 1996 I wanted to get into the historic racing scene, so got some of the remains to rebuild into the present car. The car is as built back then using a Ford Kent 1600cc motor through a Capri close ratio gearbox, Ford "CIG locker" diff, twin 40mm Webber carburettors, a good head and Piper camshaft. It has an 87" wheelbase 6" front wheels 8" rears with historic formula ford tyres. When I race it in non-historic or non-CAMS events I use Dunlop F2 slicks which makes it 4 seconds a lap quicker. Its weight is 509 kg.


Since getting it going in 1999 it has around 65 race meetings, hillclimbs and super sprints with a 97 percent finish record. Two of those retirements I ran out of petrol. This is the best most used and successful racing car that I have had. Not necessarily the fastest, but I hope to race it till death us do part which then hopefully one of Alex kids take over.

Glenn Warren
Historic Racer
Glenn Warren in the first customer car here at Baskerville

The restored car some years later.
I think this was actually 2002

Historic Racer
Historic Racer
"Since getting it going in 1999 it has had around 65 race meetings"
"but I hope to race it till death us do part"

Prize Money - lets retire

This is a typical prize money return of the era.

First prize $15.